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Elite Euro Parts through procurement and strategic alliance with franchised dealers has created access to a comprehensive inventory of NEW and USED Original Parts available to Collision and Body Repair Shops. Working in conjunction with the insurance industry we have made it easy for adjusters to find the correct parts faster; enabling repair shops to complete repairs quicker.
Elite Euro Parts and Accessories- we guarantee that 100% of our parts are original equipment parts specifically designed to fit and perform to your specific vehicle.

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Superseded Numbers, Mark-Ups, Special Orders, Supplements, Vin Matchup, Core Charge: at Elite Euro Parts we understand better because we speak your language fluently.
Get accurate quotes from qualified specialists on original quality parts. Call and talk to an expert at: 805-888-0044

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We send our OPT-OE and USED Inventory to CCC, Mitchell, Audatex, and other estimating systems and part search engines monthly. Make sure to update your estimating systems for the latest pricing offers.
When it comes to our parts, Elite Euro Parts OPT-ALT OE parts are not blemished or damaged parts that require additional labor. Our parts are Genuine parts with Manufacturer Warranty.

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Alt or Opt OE Parts !! with the advent of the term many Repair Shops have distant themselves from suppliers of such parts. At Elite Euro Parts our parts are the same parts that you would get from the dealer; with the same warranty and in the same box.
Currently we offer OEM & OE Surplus wholesale discounted prices on the following makes: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini-Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo and Jaguar .

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Using original parts during repairs is key to safety and customer satisfaction. At Elite Euro Parts we will work with repair facilities to provide on-time service and leveraged access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts at maximum discounted prices.
Direct Repair Facilities are encouraged to contact us at:drp@eliteeuroparts.com to setup an account and take advantage of the parts volume purchase rewards program offered.

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Currently our free parts delivery service area covers Southern California extending to an 80 mile radius of our headquarters in Van Nuys, California.
At Elite Euro Parts we will always endeavor to deliver your parts in a timely manner.Please make sure to place orders as early as possible to avoid cut-off times that may impact delivery time.

Why order through us ?

Competitive Pricing

At Elite Euro Parts we have leveraged volume discount programs from Manufactures who are competing against Aftermarket Parts to bring you Genuine Parts at the lowest prices.

on time delivery

On-time delivery is very important to us, we understand that delays. effect cycle time and turnaround for the body shop. Our delivery routes are optimized accordingly to each customers needs.

Accurate quotes

At Elite Euro Parts we have complete and up-to-date data on genuine parts and distinct parts identification through vin entry. This helps to ensure you get the most accurate quotes every time.

love is love

At Elite Euro Parts we love what we do: our team is comprised of car enthusiasts and Automobile Aficionados who are more than keen to help you with your European car parts search.

customer service

Our revenue is tied to the volume of orders we deliver to you, so we are constantly working hard to make the customer experience a great one at Elite Euro Parts..

price match

At Elite Euro Parts we will always try our best to match any price given, we might not beat every price out there, but we will sure give it a try. So always talk to us before buying elsewhere.

What people say?

Very good parts department,Confirmed orders are accurate. Parts received in timely manner. Thanks!

Alex, MZ inc.

What people say?

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John Doe, doodle inc.

What people say?

Phasellus luctus commodo ullamcorper a posuere rhoncus commodo elit. Aenean congue, risus utaliquam dapibus. Thanks!

John Doe, doodle inc.
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